Monday, May 15, 2006


Bottle of wine: 12 euro.
2 Cohibas: 24 euro.
Sardinia at sunset with your big male friend Klotz: Priceless.

Smart Car= Small Car. flash!

Hotel dei Pini *********

Kloz doing his no-teeth old man impression, me mid-bubble.

Fast and the Furious: Compact.

Francesca at night. Automobile excellence.

When the bartender can make a rose out of a potato as a drink garnish, you should be thankful for everything human. To Maurizio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best way to cure a sunburn, small cat. Cute small cat.

Sunset. Brilliant
Brightest picture ever. 4 grown men. 1 smart car. 1 mission.
My favourite story of the day:
Iniside the cave. I dropped my hat and had this whole Indiana Jones fiasco.

Outside the cave at Copa Caccia.

Successful Spanish conversation/flirting...leads to picture.
Older women are so much more fun ;)

Tiroler hut, where anyone can sound good on a microphone.


Anonymous said...

Way to not include any pictures of the girls that went on the trip. Oh yeah forgot, you and Klotz ditched us in search for a non-existent bad.

Anonymous said...