Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Las Islas Canarias

Tenerife, the best Canary Island of them all. Thank you bank holiday.
These boots are made for drinkin'

If Zoo won't suffice, put Monkey Park around it.

Note to self: the water may feel good, but there is a huge crocodile right there.

Extreme Close-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That damn monkey is drinking my beer!
Cutest buggers ever.

Say "Cheese" and scare Havey to death.

Chimpanzees always get what they want.

Don't even really know what to say here. I knew monkeys swung from branches, but I didn't know they were full-fledged swingers.

Monkeys have no sense of space.

Out of nowhere. Had to have my camera ready.

Goes in for the tail grab......and he's got it.

First I get mooned by a dolphin, then a monkey slapped me.

Staring contest, you, me. Now.

Gotta represent. LTS. Gangsta.

Boots!!!!!!!!!!! You've come to the Canary Islands.

Um....Mike. There is a cat in our room. Long lost brother my cat Boots. Only this cat barked.

Said in the Unsolved Mysteries Guy voice....
"Little did she know, she had Luke's first initial on her bum."
Our beloved balcony at dusk.

Linekers......hen party central.
Young man....there's no need to feel down. Unless you are at Linekers and don't enjoy wedding reception songs and it's 4 in the morning.

Put your left arm in....
Aqualand. Where Luke beat Havey on all the slides. Even though he has 3 stone on me. Where the dolphins jumped, and where the big slide fall thing almost claimed the lives of both of us.

"Waterparks are better with Beers and Hats" -Havey

Nothing compliments a sunburn like a litre of beer and a free hat that comes with it.

First time I've ever been mooned by a dolphin.

The second dolphin had a hangover.

Champangria de Tenerife. Que hermosa.

South Tenerife. Clear day. 85 degrees. Beautiful.

My first honeymoon.

One of the coolest places in Tenerife. The Banana Club, where Lufka, the PR lady, invited us in every day. On our last night there we decded to take her up on her offer. We were pleasantly amazed at the ambiance, food, drink, music, and dancing.

Flamenco dancing at its finest. Sangria tastes a lot better when people are dancing.

Flamenco lady dancer giving me the eyes.

Pre-karaoke good ole fashion Irish men drinking.
O'Brien, Coleman, Schnoebelen rockin' out.

Miles Coleman does a mean Don McLean

Luke and Mack at the Globe theater. The Bard of Stratford on Avon was really wet.

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Mike said...

For the love of all things Europe. Somebody across the pond please tell Miles that a CVU shirt, circa 2001, is definitely not appropriate attire for karaoke night.