Monday, July 16, 2007

Cape Cod Part I

Cape Cod....part 1 of 3.
Another one checked off the 1000 places to see before you die, Cape Code National Sea Shore

Spencer and Mike looking tough.

Julia playing with her marionette pink dog.

68 degree salt water. Nothing better.

Iain, Mike, Luke on left.....trying to catch a big crab. Huge.

Harwich Port port. If you were drinking port would go something like this. I'm having a glass of port at Harwich Port's port. Wow. If you built a fort while having port.....nevermind.
Flowers everywhere! Walking to Harwich Port for dinner. Rebecca looking amazing.

Lower Country road, just take it to Upper County Road to 28, to 28a, to 6. The road runs North/South but really you are headed East/West
Yesterday......when our troubles....da da da da. Spanish version.

Whitehouse Field home of the Cape Cod Baseballl Leagues very own
Harwich Mariners. Scarsborough!

Children of the Woods. Waiting for foul balls.
Go Harwich!

Rebecca and Luke at the game.
The players even joined in with the crowd!
Harwich Mariners at night.

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