Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Newest member of the Schnoebelen Family

London Schnoebelen, our new little girl who is 5 months old and came to the pound in a litter. She is a lab mixed with Irish Setter, we think. London is doing great so far, at 17 pounds, and will probably only be 40 – 50 pounds total, which is great news! She can run after a ball and play fetch until the cows come home. She loves her new tennis ball and squeaky toy, that may only last a few days until Daddy(me) pops the squeaky part.

She can lick her own nose!

Slobber McSlobberson gives really good kisses.

London isn't trained to say "Cheese" but ended up doing her Michael Jordan impression. Dogs got talent.

Unsolicited photo of Bernadette, our "other" pet. Subliminal marketing for Khaled Hosseini's new book, A Thousand Splendid Suns

London with her new squeak-chew toy that might have a potential to only be a chew toy in the near future. My incredible fiancee picked out toys that London absolutely loves!

London looking cute and provocative with her shaved belly. She was just spayed Friday so she is off-limits forever! As Bobby Brown would say, "Ain't no humpin' around."

London taking a nap.
I will probably post 1,000 more pictures in the coming days and will document the life that our new dog leads. Her birthday is unofficially on Valentine's Day, so mark your calendars.

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