Monday, July 30, 2007

Cape Cod Part III

The house in Cape Cod.

Our house in Cape Cod, "By The Way" built in 1825
A rainbow in Dennis.
Woo hoo, first catch of the day!

Bait, a.k.a big bucket of small chopped up fish
Fish deux of the day.
Iain in the fight of his life. Would he land the shark?

Another pre-filet catch I made.

One of the 4 bluefish I caught. Smile!
Niro making the fish we caught into filets.
Luke, Niro, Iain post fish catch.

My franchise still doing well.
Buried treasure.
Spencer chillin' on his thumb.

Oldest carousel in America.

On the ferry to Martha's Vineyard we (Nola, Rebeccca, and I) had one of those famous people sightings. We sat by Debra Messing. Or Grace from Will and Grace. Anyways it was kind of neat.
Cove in Martha's Vineyard.
Huge old church.
Flower baskets lined the streets in Martha's Vineyard

Rebecca and Luke on the Hyline.

Nola and Rebecca aboard the Hy-line cruiser headed home from Martha's Vineyard.

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