Monday, July 23, 2007

Cape Cod (Part II)

Part 2 of the illustrious vacation....whale watching and beaches.........

On a fine summer day we ventured off the Cape for a bit of whale watching.

The Dolphin Fleet was this vessel of choice on this fine summer day.
Lighthouse at the end of the Cape
All aboard!

Whale watching on a beautiful sunny day, we spot 2 humpbacks. All total we saw 12-13 whales.

Never had I been mooned by a humpback.

Humpback whale right next to the boat. White part underneath is the belly. This whale is said to be the most photographed in the Atlantic. They've been watching it since the 1970's. It is said that this whale once had an afro and wore a bandanna.

Rebecca, Diana, Mike aboard the S.S. Dolphin something-or-other.

Mom and offspring trying to hit a bird out of mid-air.

For more on whales:

All those present raise your right fin.

Whale tail.

Coast of P-town.
The streets of not Portugal, but Provincetown.

That wave must've been 12 feet high.

Wellfleet Flea Market - Just turn right at the ENORMOUS sign.

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