Monday, April 25, 2005

Fin de Semana (4/22-4/24)

Friday: After work went to the casino, played hold' em for 20 minutes while waiting for Kate and Andy to get there. Tripled up. Ate crab legs at the buffet and I'll tell you what, let the crabs keep 'em. I'll stick to crab rangoon. Got done eating, met Trent, Kenny and Matt, had a few beers. On the way back from the bathroom, played $5 in a quarter slot, hit two double diamonds and made $100. So it was a good night at the casino. We decided to head to the plaza, we got B to the E's and our first stop was Mi Cocina. Trent picked up an Australian guy and we all had a Mambo Taxi, the second best drink on the planet. We then went to have Strongbow at O'Douds. Kenny and I jammed to the band while Trent was trying to figure out why he had a fixation of dancing with every girl in the bar. So after a Strongbow or two we called it a night.

Saturday: Went to some golf stores, Dirk's to play shuffleboard, played some poker and got myself mentally ready for the evening events. Went to Andy's around 8 and after watching the heart wrenching Ladder 49, left for Bonita Flats, no relation the the John Steinbeck book, Tortilla Flat. Bonita Flats happens to be a drinking establishment where the female employees do not wear tops. And at times they also try to get crumbs off your face with there breasts, for a small fee of course. Every drink in the place was $2 from water to Cognac. So Josh managed to have every shot feasible and we made it to Tomfooleries in an uneventful manner. We stopped for food along the way home and while eating in the car in the parking lot at Zona Rosa, I saw one of the funniest things ever. A white Suburban pulls up and 7 guys jump out and all decide to urinate right outside the vehicle. Much to their chagrin, 2 young Policeman happened to be strolling along. Needless to say, they got caught with there *expletive* out.

Sunday: Went to my 3rd Royals game of the year, only to see them lose to the White Sox. Went to the batting cages at night.

So all in all the weekend was a success. I'm tired and hopefully golfing this afternoon will bring me back to life. But until then, I'll keep working for the man. And you better believe I'm eating lunch at Smoking Guns.

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