Friday, April 22, 2005

Rain and Poker (4/21)


Probably the finest comedian to ever live: Mitch Hedberg. Just have to pay tribute to a guy who can make me laugh. Saw him a month before he died, live at the Uptown. Long Live Hedberg.

So Thursday I almost blew away in a rain/tornado/only in K.C. type storm. The lady came over the radio and was like, "ehhhhhhhhh. ehhhhhhhhh. ehhhhhhhhhhhh. This is a severe weather alert for the kid in the blue car at QT getting gas at pump 6. You are going to die if you stay there, but don't pull out from the awning because of the hail, it will damage your pretty new car. ehhhhh. ehhhhhh. ehhhhhh. This is not a test. Luke."
She wasn't actually talking to me but it seemed like I might be joining cows flying around in a funnel cloud.

Then I wake up this morning to find that what must have been a pterodactyl had pinched one off on my car. It looked like spinach/artichoke dip and bird shit too.

So I am trying to update this thing with pictures for all to see. Especially one of the burrito I attempted to eat from Chipotle.

Feel free to comment on any of what you just read. All commentary is non-confidential and might be published.

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