Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Despite an entire day of rain, I still played golf at Tiffany yesterday. And I managed to not do too bad. Maybe it was because of the dollar beers at the clubhouse, or the fact that I didn't warm up. But we finally quit after hole #4, The Green Monster, pictured below. A beautiful hole if you like water and a green that is far away. So yesterday I hit it on the fringe and almost got a bird only to have a torrential downpour halt the ball before entering the hole. You go 6 iron.

So after the short round we went back to the clubhouse and dried up. Mike and I were not too terribly upset to end this water-logged round. Clubs damp, reputation wet.

Smoking Guns game 2 tonight, It's at 9:30, so not only do we get to suck because it's wet, we get to suck because we're under the lights. Hopefully we have enough cold beer to last us until then.

Damn you, John Grisham. You sleep-taker-awayer. The Brethren is too damn good.

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