Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Not-so-Smoking Guns

Smoking Guns game 2, not a success, despite my efforts of going 3 for 3 and still batting a 1000 on the year. We just have some guys that can't hit the dang ball and look like they haven't picked up a bat since they were 6. The pre-game festivities were good, wings and beer at the Peanut. Kenny hit an inside the park homerun, but the score still turned out to be 21-9 or something like that. Big double header tonight. I think I'll bulk up and see if I can get a hold of BALCO or Lenny Dykstra.

Work is pretty normal and today is some really long name for Secretaries Day. Hopefully, it goes by un-eventfully. Tomorrow is small children running around day.

Got DaVinci Code on mp3, sounds so good when someone else reads it to you, but it also means you almost crash your car when you don't understand whats going on, Damn you iPod.

Wish I was with my snow bunny today.

Photo by Schnoebelen in Keystone
Love you Lizzy!

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