Thursday, April 21, 2005

Softballitis (4/20)

Played a double header with some old dudes who are way to serious about slow pitch softball. Full uniforms and all. Went 6 for 7 and had 4 RBIs.

Sore as a mo fo, needed to stretch practically all night, looked like I was playing an air guitar ballad on my knees with my head all the way back. I swear to God that after graduation from college you are allowed to be "old". Things just don't work the way you used to and now I realize that beer is the cure for almost any ache and pain. Now I see why braces for body parts is such a lucrative market.

No athletics until Golf league next Monday night, with maybe a stint of softball for Trent's thing on Saturday. "Quasi-Bachelor-Last-Vagina-Party"

Maybe go to the Royals Friday or Saturday.

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