Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Smoking Guns (4/19)

The Smoking Guns inaugural softball game was last night. Starting the game off with a 4-0 lead we thought we could cruise along and stay ahead of the game. Then something went horribly wrong......
A) Multiple collisions
B) The sun was intentionally moving so it was right in your line of sight.
C) All of a sudden the game was over and it was 21-4

Side notes, Trent made an error then threw the guy out at second, I'm batting a 1000, Matt throws like a girl. But in the end we had a few beers in the parking lot and finished the night off at Margarita's. Only to see Matt not fit in the high chair. I'm a dollar richer because of it.

So Smoking Guns Record-0 Everyone else-1.

Playing on another team tonight, we have a double-header so maybe we can win, or even if we lose at least I can chew more sunflower seeds.

Alright, gotta go see a man about a mule.

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