Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Here are the pics from the first couple'o days. Cheers.
Best blues band in London.

Guy behind us was from Punch Out. Adam and I acting it out.

Hair extensions gone wrong. Horribly wrong. Thompson looking sweet in foreground.

They say that caricatures add 10 pounds, but this one cost 10 pounds and added 35 in the chin.

I saw the rains down in Africaaaa!

When you think artistic. This is what you are thinking. Deep man. Deep.

This guy was the best. Hand was in a cast shaped like a pistol. Good times.

I am the King.

Zoom in to see the sign. Click the picture landscape button. Sign was in a shop that sold armor.

Istanbul not Constantinople.

Portobello Market. You can buy everthing ever. And if you know 15 languages you are set.

The Leinster, making copies.
Properly labeled. Not to be confused with pink lunchbox.

Chuck T's window sillin.

Cafe de Paris. Cafe. Ha.


When you are in the DJ booth and the DJ has to pee, don't say you know what your doing, just do it. And London clubbers love fiddy.

Thompson, Wilde, Smith and Wesson.

My first beer tap.


Lindsey said...

I am crying right now. My abs just got the 10th workout of the past 2 days.

How do you find so much random funny shit? I am hanging out with you every day for the next 5 months.

BMc said...

My favorite is of the caricatures, that was a good one. Is that one of the British babes you were telling me about???