Monday, March 20, 2006

Pre-Ireland / Dublin/ Arklow Ireland

This is what Luke did from Wedneday-Friday.
Wednesday: Youngblood Brass Band. BAMF's

World Football Classic. World wins 5-2. I'm the one showing off all the leg.

No frills here.

From now on, only old asian men can do karaoke.

Beer and Klotz at Heath's going away party after World Football Classic.

Thompson at Tiroler hut with his new mullet. Benke in foreground.

On my arrival into Dublin, I got to enjoy a parade, kilts, a few pints, some people showing they were not afraid to make a toilet out of anywhere, some people showing they were not afraid to be sick anywhere, and some chaps that were not afraid to have a huge tussle outside of The Hairy Lemon. This is a photo journey of Paddy's Day, the day after, and my Sunday in Arklow on the Irish Sea.
The river Liffey. Beautiful. Smashing.

When the spire is so tall it won't fit in your lens, don't try and climb it.

Lucas Middle Name Confirmation Name Schnoebelen

The Auld Dubliner, good Auld Dubliner.

Luke and Americans.

July 6th. Pamplona. Me and you.

This guy was looking at me asking himself, "Why is that guy taking a picture of me?" The whole extra-large hat-mouth full of food-with food all over face, fallling-asleep thing.

My Dublin friend Kim. She may be small, but she could drink.

Havey, Benke, Schnoebelen. Note: I'm the only one drinking Guinness.

The 14th hour. This is what you do.

What lead up to Havey getting punched is still to be a mystery???????

Extreme close-up.

Salmon, eggs, toast, cafe, fruit, croissant. Heaven in Dublin.

Irish Coffee. And by irish coffee I mean, Jameson and a hangover and ouch.

Jameson Distillery. Classic pose.

If the queue at the Guinness Brewery is 4 hours long, hold up a map and walk in the back door.

Guinness Storehouse is a very great place.

Huge band at the Guinness Tour, they were celebrating something.

The Hairy Lemon. My favourite bar in Dublin.

Highest point in Dublin. Guinness Storehouse.

Dublin, Guinness Brewery, Home of the Upsidedown Shamrock. Impossibly brilliant.

Dublin Wall of Fame.

T-rex in effect.
Wall'o'posters at the Wool Shed.

(To the tune of Jaws) Dun,dun. Dun,dun. Dun,dun,dun,dun,dun,dun.

We should be dancing.....yeah!!!!!!!

Tom and Hannah Tyrell, most distant relatives ever. And me. And the Irish sea.

And all that remains is the faces and names, of the wives and the sons and the daughters.

I told them to dive. But they just kept getting closer, too close.

Duck and Luke in Arklow. We bonded.

Best meal of the week in London: Chorizo, Patatas Espanola, Pan, San Miguel.

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Becky said...

Looks like Dublin treated you well. What did you think of the American crew. I hope you liked them!