Monday, March 13, 2006

Week 2. Best.

Here they are....
Vending Machine Repair Man.

This is on the balcony of the Pig and a blanket or the Something Something Arms. Pretty rad balcony. Can you find Havekost in this picture?

2 Irish Elvis' is better than 1.
The balloons really wanted out. We tried to catch them but to no avail.

Heart, stars, diamonds, horseshoes, clovers, and shitloads of balloons!

St. Patty's Day Parade, 5 days early.

1st of 2 famous people I met this weekend.
Sunday they celebrated St. Patty's Day in London at Trafalgar Square.
I saw everyone in the world taking pictures of this guy. So I snapped a photo with him..
Only later to find out he was the Minister of Justice of Ireland.
Google it:

2nd Famous Person I met this weekend:
This my friends is Paul Van Dyk. Probably the most coveted DJ in the world at this point in time, don't believe me.
Google him:
So if you see a bunch of bodyguards, rush towards them and try to get a photo. Best night ever.

Camden Town Market.

Bow, chicka, bow, bow.
Camera: $349
Red Stripe for a night: 18 quid
Picture of the lights at Turnmills: Priceless
Awesome lights at Turnmills. Pics by Schnoebelen

To the tune of Connect the Dots...
Schnoeb and Lutz la la la la
Schnoeb and Lutz la la la la.

Luke:(to lady) Could you please take a picture of me any my mates?"
Lady: "Sure"
Luke: "Cheers."
Lady: (Takes picture of herself)
Luke: "Damn."

This train is for what? Does that say...?
Zoom in to see funniness. And if funniness isn't a word, then just zoom in.

The Gallery.
Turnmills. Crystal ball in my mouth.

Thompsonite by Lindsey's toe. Bloody hell mate.
Huge bull at Bo Deans.

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