Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Meal

What to do when you are hungry- By Luke Schnoebelen
If you get home from work one eve and you've got a bit of an empty stomach, cook.
  1. Buy food
  2. Prepare food
  3. Set-up food in order you are going to eat it.
  4. Have a bloody good time eating.
  5. Follow up with a cup of tea.
  6. Continue on watching a football match.
Meal pictured- Baguette with fresh cheese spread, salad with red peppers/tomatoes/italian vinagrette, and spaghetti bolognese with ricotta and spinach tortellini. Topped off with fresh squeezed Orange Juice. Spot on.
Real Mardid v. Arsenal tonight. I will be representing. Guti.

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