Friday, March 10, 2006

Week 1, Complete!

Here is our football squad. From left to right back to front. Side to side. Now dip baby dip.
Eoin- Dublin's finest thing since beer.
Oli-Spain/England animal
Me-Red card McGee
Bruno-I'll eat the ball in the goal (Keeper)
Madhava-Defensive all-star
Omar-Hair looks great even after the game
Yusuf-Nigerian nightmare
Colin-lady killer

So we've developed a squad of some sort that likes to hang out and here is a few of them, this is at the Dudley Arms last night post-football match.
Thompson aka Hippie Pu$$y

McLarney, aka take a picture of my cleavage S.lutz aka Partay

Mason, aka Probably going to windmill your drink Beth, aka Man Voice

Klotz, aka 5 finga ring. Smith, aka Meat filled Shawarma

So I love my job and I love the office. It's going great in London and the weather is going to be great for another fun journey. Hope to see you all on Monday.

Visit my friend Matt's blog. He is a really fun guy. He likes to have fun. He's funny. Fun.

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