Tuesday, May 03, 2005

51 and Windy.

Work went by and golf went great. Shot a 51 in the hammering wind, I don't know if hammering is a good word to use to describe wind, but it was hammering. Trent, 40 days away from marraige, shot a cool 63......on 9 holes. But it is a Senior PGA event course and we do play from the blue tees. I feel like Tin Cup at times on the tee box.

I am eating an everything bagel right now. I don't understand what falls under the category "everything". I think its everything that can fall off and go everywhere. If it sticks to the bagel, its no good. Also, I think yogurt and granola are meant to be together, like peanut butter and jelly or Roy and that other lion tamer guy.

Smoking Guns go for there first win ever, tonight. With our right fielder not being able to throw the ball, I think I might just play a way deep first base. Hopefully the bats will turn on and we can put up some runs.


Click on there link to buy stuff (meat, rub, hats) since they sponsor our team.

Also had an idea for their rub. If they called it 1-off. Then it would be funny.

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