Friday, May 06, 2005

A Liger is Real

Abuelos, On the Border, then to Soyland's spot, Tomfooleries.

Abuelos: A lot of hot food and guac, margaritas, sangria.
On The Border: Outside tent party, almost got my eye put out by a flying Megadeth CD, proceeded to put stickers on Matt.
Tomfooleries: Picked up John from the airport, went to Tomfooleries, proceeded to sing Tiny Dancer with the band at the top of my lungs. Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer.....closer.

Worked out at the Cerner gym yesterday. Feels like that time of the month for me, my boobies are sore now. Then I played basketball and missed a lot of shots. Then went to Kauffman to haggle for cheaper Royals/ Red Sox tickets, got 500 for $7 a pop. Not bad.

Playing the Poker tonight.

Don't forget to wish your Mom's a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. Don't think flowers will cover you. Do something nice for her. Send her a framed picture or something.

Also, a liger is real. Here is a picture.

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