Monday, May 23, 2005

Picture Day.

Below is a series of pictures from the weekend. Longest weekend ever.

Bangs, Schnoebelen, Hicks, Cello, Cello Player.
It was over when the fat lady played the cello.

Stadium Club Royals. Moundball winner.

Matt utilizes the high-powered hand dryer.

Bangs, Me, Hicks, Bulldozer.
Or Dumpster as Bangs would say.
Looks like a high school wrestling poster.

My Boss on Skis. Her B-day. I ski'd, I fell.
Aloe Vera I love you.

Beer free for this week.

New bugshield is in place on the car. Look out bugs, Luke isn't scared of you.

New outdoor game: Move over Washers/ Monkey Ball is the best.

Send me an e-mail today. Tell me how your doing?

Golfing after work on this fine day.

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