Thursday, May 05, 2005

Burning Ring of Fire.

Working for the man again today.

Last night had a Joe Carter-esque moment, in our first game had a walk-off(double) to win the game, it was sweet. But I guess that just what happens when the ball is in a direct line with the sun and when it reaches the plate and you can't see it and you smack it and it feels like you're hitting the sun. ?.

Second game we run-ruled 'em and then they whined and I just thought about how the opposing catcher looked like Bob Seger and wondered why he kept calling me by my name.

Best bagel ever today. However,

h&h= the best.

Cinco de Mayo, despues de mi dia de trabajo extensivo, probablemente me voy a "On The Border" o "Margaritas" o "Una restaurante Mexicana" para celebrar este dia. Comiendo guacomole y bebiendo algunas bebidas Mexicanas. No voy a perder este dia en historia. Un celebracion de independencia.

Also send an email to my buddy Dave,, it's his birthday.

Have a health thing at 11, get to ride on the bike and have someone tell me how I look, hopefully i can sweat and wear an oxygen mask and be in a Gatorade commercial.

Be like Luke.

Today is 5.5.5 Whoa.

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