Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Smoking Guns streak is still alive, actually it was never at risk in our Umpteen-1 defeat last night.

Team Photo
Back Row: (Left to Right)
Micheal (33 run E.R.A) Hickman, Trent (Inconvenient) Londquist
Eric (Long Locks) Engman, Chris (She) Bangs, Larry (Nurse pants) Dailey III
Adam (Dorn) Jessen, Bill (Lou Bega) Vega
Front Row: Matt (Huge Balls) Hicks, Kenny (Green Coozee) Benke
Luke (Smiles with his eyes) Schnoebelen, Alvin (Dent in the Hood) Howard
Not Pictured: Aaron Pennington, Micheal Bennett

So this is our team of teams. We play Team Cerner next week.

Went to Riverport yesterday and here is what I caught.

Pulled her in on 10lb. test line. What a catch.

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