Monday, May 09, 2005

White T-shirts.

Weekend was very relaxing. Friday played poker, did extremely well.

Saturday went to the lake and had a good 'ole time on the boat. Dad pushed me in and I almost impaled myself with a tree.

Sunday read all day and finished The Brethren, moving on to a Malcolm Gladwell book.

So I realized this morning that Kansas City radio personalities need more to do/ talk about. One guy's name is "Big" Something, then there is a woman with a deep voice that laughs at everything everyone says, then there is another guy named after an animal, example, Bobcat or Tiger.

Golfing today, first round of league play. Hopefully my Vijay-esque swing will prevail. Smoking Guns for lunch.

Random Picture of the Day:

This is the picture that was in one of my favorite bar's in Spain.
I own a gi-normous copy of it now. It's awesome. Elephants are awesome.

I will be in Iowa City June 10th-(maybe) 13th.

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