Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Longest weekend ever.

Today is Tuesday. Remind me of this every 4 hours.

I am officially the tiredest person ever today. Enough said.

Went to Iowa for my friend Trent's Pre-wedding crazy party.

Saturday we went boating at the Coralville Reservoir, comparable to Smithville Lake, only it's 5 hours away.

Saturday night we went out in Downtown Iowa City. Apparently my whole graduating class still lives in Iowa City. Stayed at my Mom's house.

Sunday, went golfing at Jones Park in CR. Then went out on the Coors Light Party Bus (A school bus, painted white, with Coors Light on the side.) Had a blast.

Went to Taco John's in Newton, Iowa yesterday.

Adam brushed his teeth at Taco John's.

Gave them my pen name for my order and came to the gripping conclusion
that Newton people must not have a hispanic population. Or else they are vowel happy.

Smoking Guns go for win number 1 tonight. We will give it our all.

I would like to thank all people involved in making this weekend extremely enjoyable.

Random thought of the day: On the way to work today, I enjoyed my sunrise, like normal, also had the tunes blaring. The song, "Midnight Train to Georgia" came on. This got me thinking, who takes trains to Georgia in the first place, secondly, who takes trains to Georgia at mid-night.

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