Friday, May 20, 2005

Morning breath killer: Grapefruit Juice.

Hangover killer: Grapefruit juice swallowing.

Going to watch the battle of the Missouri baseball teams tonight. Going with 3 middle-aged men who only talk about lawns and weather. And how much the Royals suck.

Had a poppy seed bagel this morning so I hope they don't pull any random drug tests.

Random fact of the day:
In the Lake MacBride Classic 10K/5K in Solon, IA on May 12, 2001,
Lori Taghon of Sigourney
got 34th place with a time of 59:30:00.
Don't believe me?
Told ya so.

Three pics of the day.

Best movie ever. The Natural.

This is a picture I took of horses in my backyard. They were fighting, I told them to stop.

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